What Ancient History Can Teach Us about #LoveWins

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I have been thinking a lot about the hashtag #LoveWins in response to the historic ruling by our US Supreme Court on Friday. This comes from a self-admitted romantic, one who really hopes that, when it comes to my own personal life, love will somehow find a way to win. And while I find myself completely in touch with the sympathetic side of this judicial decision— for all of my male friends who love other men, and all my female friends who love other women, for their struggles with discrimination, dirty looks, and unfair treatment, and for their families and friends also affected— I don’t think we should detract from the gritty ramifications and significance of this decision.

And so, let me put on my ancient history hat and pontificate for just a second on why this is really such a landmark ruling, and why, even if you identify as…

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